SSL 8 Channel fitted vca or Fadermate

//SSL 8 Channel fitted vca or Fadermate
SSL 8 Channel fitted vca or Fadermate2021-01-05T09:52:36+01:00

Project Description

SSL 8 Channel fitted Fadermate

G series modules, you have the choice of 02,242,292 eq, D -Sub or XLR rear connectors.

Malcolm Toft designed AES 2U power supply

We can also fit FaderMate giving you much more control over your musical arrangements.


Full Quad buss mix outputs for LF.LB,RF,RB

Routing buss outputs 1 & 2 selectable using the routing switches at the top of the channel strip.

If the channels are G+Plus then iy will also have metering for line inputs.

All I/O connectors will appear on 25 D-Subs on rear of sidecar.

The sidecar gives full functionality of filters, eq, dynamics, sends and panning. which can be switchable between large or smaller fader.

Inputs in total 16,  direct out for the larger fader and you can sum all 16 channels using large and small fader into stereo L.R






Malcolm Toft designed SSL Power supply