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Neve Mini Consoles

Client feedback regarding NEVE VR consoles has always been; “I would love a VR console and have all the VR facilities but in a much smaller layout”. Well we have listened and here it is. We have taken a VR console and rebuilt it on a removable chassis stand, Incorporating all the VR facilities. All modules have been completed overhauled and fully recapped and upgraded to Legend status along with the centre section. Meters and power supply have also been fully recapped. The console has a remote patch with 3m cabling. Manual faders and supplied with a warranty.

Custom Build Orders for 2020

NEVE VR24 channel consoles
Presently building two NEVE VR24 channel consoles with onboard patch VCA or Flying Faders, also have been fully recapped. The console will have onboard patch, choice of left or right,  Edac or D-Sub connectors and choice of either original NEVE VR PSU or Malcolm Tofts VR PSU. We can also supply with Flying faders or VCA and either original Martinsound Flying Fader system or Tangerine Flying Fader system. Consoles will be ready end of December 2020.