The Neve & SSL Console Specialists

AES PRO AUDIO specialise in buying selling and reconfiguring SSL and NEVE VR and NEVE Vintage consoles and have built up a reputation over the years as the leading supplier of quality refurbished and reconfigured SSL/NEVE recording consoles.

Consoles we refurbish and reconfigure; SSL4000E, SSL4000G, SSL4000G+PLUS, SSL8000, SSL6000E,  SSL6000G, SSL6000G+Plus series consoles.

We also buy into stock SSL9000J and SSL9000K series consoles.

We also reconfigure; NEVE V3, NEVE VR, NEVE VRL consoles and always looking to purchase Vintage Neve consoles.

One of our saught after ranges is the SSL mini console configured in the following format SSL4024 SSL4016  in either E or G series choice of 292,242, Pulteq eq.

We have also developed the NEVE VR rack mounted Channel in a box and have sold in excess of forty of these units.

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Our Product Range

SSL 8 Channel

SLL 8 Channel

G series modules fitted 292 eq D Sub or XLR rear connectors, patch bay if required.

SSL 8 Channel

Mini Neve and SSL consoles

Mini Consoles

A range of reduced size consoles to offer flexible solutions for all studio needs.

Neve Mini Consoles
SSL Mini Consoles

Full Consoles - fully refurbished SSL & NEVE Consoles

Full Consoles

A range of fully refurbished SSL & NEVE Consoles. All offered with full warranties.

Neve Consoles
SSL Consoles

Latest Products Just In…

How to custom build a custom SSL mixing console

Ever wondered how we set about building a custom SSL console? The aim here is to describe the background, processes and steps involved in the mission of undertaking the custom build of a mixing console, starting by taking an original manufacturer’s console (or consoles) as the core donors of materials, then augmenting these with new (often custom) items to create what is effectively a “new” console with original modules. Whilst the processes are the same for any type of console, the focus here is on SSL 4000 & 6000 types.

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