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Neve Full Consoles

AES buy, sell and refurbish NEVE Full Consoles to exacting industry standards and client needs. All works are carried out by highly knowledgeable technicians with a wealth of experience.

Back in the early 1980’s and early part of the 1990’s we mainly concentrated on buying and selling Vintage Neve consoles, that is when you could buy a 1073 for £350.00 or a complete BCM10 frame for £3500.00 and even a 8036 for under £15000.00 or a 8068 for under £10,000.00. Back then the 8058/8068 were not wanted hence how so many were stripped out and modules sold.

The largest format EMI/NEVE 72 channel we had reconfigured and refurbished is now residing at The Church Studio London as owned by Paul Epworth. Devitt Audio carried out all the works to an exacting standard.