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V.MINI Master Sidecar – NEVE VR modules

It provides the logic control to allow for ALL audio paths to be available within the channel module, Including switching between output/playback and recording/mixdown. The two Stereo Mix busses are still retained within the channel bucket along with the eight Aux busses and AFL/PFL busses. Channel record/playback and Stereo Mix busses have individual metering. Overall the specification is designed around the channel bucket becoming an intergral part of the control room equipment thus allowing the sidecar to not just be an occasionally useful piece of outboard gear.

Master Facilities

  1. Two Stereo Master mix busses with insert points and VU Meters.
  2. Two Stereo Direct inputs with level control to the master mix busses to allow for reverb returns or parallel compression during mixing.
  3. 8 Aux Master level pots with ON and AFL switches.
  4. Master status modes include Mic/Line, Fader Swap and Mixdown: Meter/Monitor modes include Output,Playback and Overdub.
  5. Monitor section with monitor level control, Headphones socket, CUT and DIM switches plus balanced outputs to two sets of loudspeakers. Solo AFL and PFL level controls and an LED that illuminates whenever an AFL or PFL switch is pressed allows for flexible monitoring within the mix. A Balance pot sets the L-R position within the monitoring field in order to optimise the listening “sweet pot” on multi-bucket systems.
  6. The Mix 3-4 outputs. Pressing MON TO METER routes the selected monitor source to these meters. Pressing an AFL or PFL switch will automatically activate MON TO METER.
  7. Solo modes are non-destructive AFL or PFL in conjunction with Interlock/Normal CUT A and CUT B bus switches.
  8. Signal Threshold switch to set the activation point of the channel signal-present LEDs.
  9. Power fail LED to indicate failure of any power rail within the bucket sidecar system.
  10. All VU Meters are illuminated.

External connections are provided on 56 way EDAC connectors that are fitted under the bucket next to the existing EDAC input/output connectors. All external audio input and output connections are electronically balanced.

For two or three bucket consoles i.e. 16 or 24 channels/ sidecar systems, A slave meter bridge unit will be available Its facilities comprise of 12 illuminated VU Meters and their respective SIG and DYN Led’s. Two types of power supply units are available to order. Type 1 is a 4U convection-cooled unit which will handle one bucket of 12 channels plus the V.MINI-MASTER.

Type 2 is a 4U fan cooled power supply designed by Westwick Installation which is capable of powering either two or three bucket sidecars and associated V.MINI-MASTER and slave units.

Some further options will be available, which are presently in the concept stage; including a master fader pot and complete access to the multi track routing within the channel modules.